Shade nets prices in Kenya

Shade nets
Shade nets
Shade nets

Shade nets prices in Kenya

Shade nets serve various purposes, from providing protection against harmful UV rays to creating shaded areas for agriculture, nurseries, car parking, and recreational spaces. Understanding the specific purpose of the shade net is essential for choosing the right type and to ensure you get value for your money.

Factors Influencing Shade Net Prices

Not all shade nets out there are made equal, therefore the shade net price in Kenya varies between different products. Here are some of the factors that might influence the price of shade nets;

1. Material Quality: The type and quality of the material used in a shade net plays a pivotal role in determining its price. High-quality materials, designed to withstand harsh weather conditions, UV exposure, and wear, often come at a premium.

2. UV Protection: Shade nets with enhanced UV protection capabilities tend to be more expensive. This feature is critical for safeguarding against the harmful effects of prolonged sun exposure, making it a valuable consideration for those seeking durable and effective shading solutions.

3. Density and Shade Percentage: The density of a shade net, measured by the percentage of shade it provides, directly impacts its price. Higher density and greater shade percentages typically result in higher prices, as these nets offer increased protection from sunlight.

4. Size and Customization: The size of the shade net required and any customization options, such as specific dimensions or special features, can affect the overall cost. Larger or custom-designed shade nets may incur additional expenses.

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Proper installation is key to the effectiveness of shade nets. Whether for agricultural use or as a carport, following the manufacturer's installation guidelines ensures optimal performance and durability. Do not worry if you are not a technical person, as our technicians are on standby ready to install the shade net for you so you can enjoy your investment for a long time.

We prioritize providing quality shade nets that balance affordability with durability. Explore our range of shade solutions and make an informed choice for creating comfortable and protected spaces. Contact us today to learn more about our range of shade nets and how they can meet your needs.